IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in Forestry

IP Multi-site Connect Solution—Application in Forestry

Digital IP Multi-site Connect System is based on the TCP/IP protocol, it can connect all the repeaters located in different mountains to enhance the communication coverage. Our digital IP Multi-site Connect is with a simple system structure and expandable, it is adopted in the network building with multiple repeaters in a spacious area.
This IP Multi-site Connect Solution is specially for those applications which value IP Multi-site Connect.

IP Multi-site Connect Solution

(a) Fully adopts IP network building technology and supports various transmission links and network forms such as star topology and tree topology;
(b) All terminals can be roaming to improve fire fighting and rescue;
(c) Supports hierarchical and level-to-level managements;
(d) Fully complies with standard IP Multi-site Connect protocol and interconnects with other systems via other gateways;
(e) Offers API for second development to meet customized functions and extended businesses.

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