HQT has been specializing in developing and providing DMR private network solutions including Emergency Dispatch System, Digital IP Multi-site Connect System, Real-time Positioning Solution and Commercial Recording Solution, and products such as DMR Tier-Ⅱ & Tier-Ⅲ digital portable radios, digital mobile radio, digital repeater and dispatch system for several years.

Development History

HQT Milestones

R & D

DMR Solution R&D Center
Located in Shenzhen with almost 40 engineers and technicians with 5 core engineers who master the core DMR technologies and the advanced industry expertise, our DMR Solution R&D Center is fully responsible for the developments of DMR solutions, DMR Tier-II and Tier-III series products.
We have successfully developed Emergency Dispatch System, IP Multi-site Connect Solution, Real-time Positioning Solution and Commercial Recording Solution, Besides, we have developed a whole series of DMR Tier-II products, including Digital Portable Radios, Digital Mobile Radio, Digital Repeater and Dispatch System.

Analog Product R&D Center
Located in our Quanzhou subsidiary with about 40 engineers and technicians, our Analog Product R&D Center fully takes charges of the development of our analog products.
Our analog series covers all levels from high-end, mid-end, low-end to license-free products.

R&D Investment
The investment of our R&D centers takes up to 20% of our total revenue, so we can ensure our R&D strength.

Professional and Strict Test Department
The Test Department is the backup services and indivisible part of R&D center. Our test workers are professional and sophisticated with rich industry experience.

Product Certificates and Qualifications
Most of our products have CE, OFTA, FCC certificates, RF and EMC reports. Besides, with over 10-year development, we have owned invention patents, Utility Model Patents, Design Patents and Software Copyrights, to name but a few.

Sales & Marketing

International Sales Department
Our International Sales Department is located in Shenzhen, our headquarter and has more than 15 sales mangers and salesmen.
This department is fully responsible for our global business but China. Currently, we have separated our global business into 5 big business areas, namely, the Europe business area, the America business area, the Africa and the Middle East business area, the Asia and the Australia business area and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) business area.

HQT customers map

Domestic Sales Department
Our Domestic Sales Department is located in our Quanzhou subsidiary with more than 20 sales managers and salesmen.
It takes full charges of our domestic business. Currently, we have built an improved sales and service network for domestic business, our business has been reached every province and/or even cities.

Marketing Department
Located in our headquarter with over 10 marketers, our marketing department bears the full responsibilities and obligations for home and abroad marketing, including but not limited to providing marketing supports to our home and abroad sales departments, offering marketing supports to our OEM customers, researching every specific market in the globe, providing practical and useful information for R&D department and the board, sharing strategic marketing intelligence with our strategic customers and partners, holding marketing and market promotional activities.

Technical Support Department
Our overseas technical support team is located in Shenzhen together with our international sales team, while our domestic technical support team is located in Quanzhou together with our home sales team. Each team has almost 5 staff.

Sales Principles

HQT Sales Principles

  • Quick Response: λ we are devoted to offering our customers quick response to help our customers improve market shares and enhance the relationship with their end users.
  • Relationship: we value customers’ lifetime value more than anything else, so we have been contributing to establishing and building a long-lasting, strategic and win-win cooperation and relationship with all our customers.
  • Team-based Supports and Services: HQT is as a whole and complete team to serve and support our customers and markets, the individualistic heroism is not our style. Our support team generally includes salesmen, marketing staff, technical support and R&D engineers, other departments and/or relative staff can be involved if needed.
  • Communication System:As for any issues and/or problems, we will set up periodical and irregular video meetings to solve them with our customers face to face on time. The effective and efficient communication system for the internal and the external is the basic for us to serve our markets and customers.
  • Responsibilities: we never sell those products which we do not approve to our customers and markets, and we bear full responsibilities for those products that we’ve sold.

Manufacturing Base

We are a high-tech company with an integrated and complete R&D, sales and manufacturing system and chain. Our manufacturing base is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, the hometown of China’s two-way radios. Our factory covers about 133 hectares.


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