Commercial Recording Solution—Application in Railway

Commercial Recording Solution—Application in Railway

By capturing the joint control signal of the secure voice between the working stations and the on-site protection workers, our recording system captures, records, compresses and saves it to the record version. It is very convenient to be read and played back, so our customers can monitor the real-time protection procedures, processes and quality of the on-site construction and operation, which can discover the security risks and provide powerful evidence for accident handling.
This Commercial Recording Solution is specially for those applications which value recording.

Commercial Recording Solution

(Ⅰ) Terminal Recording Features
(a) Low cost: only need to add an additional recording module in the terminal;
(b) Large capacity: supports 1G and 2G;
(c) Long duration: about 65 hours for 1G and about 130 hours for 2G;
(d) Supports timestamp: displays the precise speaking time;
(e) We offer a dedicated software and recording wires to read and play back the saved voice.

(Ⅱ) System Recording Features
(a) Real-time playing and recording of the transmitting and receiving voice calls;
(b) Query and play the history voice records.

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