HQT TI OMAP Series DS-9200
DS-9200 is a high-end dispatch system, which is totally developed by HQT based on TI OMAP platform and compliant with ETSI TS 102 361 protocol. With totally customizable functions and features, it is specially adopted in solution applications. API for second-development can be offered if it is needed.

The working method of DS-9200 is that PC realizes the operation to Control Station in the PC Client (the Control Center) by connecting with it via network port.

The Control Center can transmit voice calls, signalings and messages etc. to the terminal and receive them besides GPS information from it at the same time. And it can gain the terminal's location and display it besides its movement track on the map with the GPS information reported from the terminal when the PC is connected with the network, which is convenient for the dispatching.

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Main Functions

Control Station
The customer can check whether the terminal is online or not in the Control Center (Green icon means online). The Control Center can transmit various voice calls or signalings to the terminal, besides, it can switch the channel and zone of the Control Station and adjust its power.

Voice Recording

GPS Recording
It records the GPS information and time reported from the terminal and it can display the history track or movement track of the terminal on the map.

In this module, the Control Center can transmit and receive messages which can be Private Call messages or Group Call messages.

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